Lundys premier collection of cooked and baked, crumb coated and mustard hams are prepared in-house using fresh, tender select Irish pork to ensure perfect quality.

Our hams are available whole for the delicatessen counter; or sliced and diced ready to use in the food service sector, or in MAP retail packs with high quality labelling.

Traditional quality

Using traditional techniques, qualified butchers prepare prime pork by hand, in our modern and custom built premises.

No water, artificial flavourings or colourings are added during preparation and cooking, resulting in a natural product with a minimum 95% meat content.

Infused with character

Our hams are cured to a unique recipe developed by Lundys to produce a flavoursome taste and low salt content

The cure, which is injected into the meat to enhance its natural flavour, uses typically half the amount of brine found in other brands. More meat and less than 3% salt content makes for a drier, more perfectly textured ham.

Baked ham: Glazed with a piquant blend of brown sugar, honey and cloves, then baked to a rich colour for a sweet, full flavour.

Crumb coated cooked ham: Cooked to a succulent texture and dusted with golden coloured crumb for a delicately grainy surface.

Mustard Ham: Coated with a subtle Dijon mustard glaze and scorced to a caramel to effect a hint of sweetness.


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